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RS 2007 Gold              0,57$/m

RS 3 Gold                      0,15$/m


Skype: deizyra

                 Discord: Dollar99#1429

           Facebook: DKGolden

by Arthur99 on DKGolden
Bought 1B OSRS GP

Bought 1B osrs gp, very fast and friendly owner of gold site, many thanks, and i will always buy from you, trusted, cheapest, safe. +++


by Godler on DKGolden
Sold RS3 2B

Sold 2B RS3 very fast, very friendly buyer, rep++


by Paulius on DKGolden

Buought 440M OSRS GP Delivery very fast, good to work with these dealers +++ reputation always buying from them


by Lamber on DKGolden

Sold 1B OSRS GP very fast, very good workers, done many quests for me, this team is best! +++


by Patrikas on DKGolden
Sold 500m osrs gp

Sold 500m osrs gp by paypal, everything fast, and friendly seller +++


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